Guess what she said this time...

Isabella asked for pasta for lunch (actually Kraft Dinner...ew...pasta sounds so much more homemade). I had just put the pasta in the water and Isabella runs up to me and here is what transpired:

"Is it ready? Is it ready?"
"No Isabella. Not yet. I just started making it."
"Just go ahead. Try one bite and see if it's ready. Come on Mom. Just do it."

After she finished eating a HUGE bowl of the stuff she went downstairs to watch Thumbelina (of course) while I fed Simon his lunch and this was said:

"MOM!" (bellowed from the basement)
"What?" (I said from the kitchen)
"YOU'RE FULL OF BOLOGNA!" (again bellowed from the basement)

She definitely keeps me entertained.


  1. i love it. i could read what kids say alllll day long! xo.

  2. Ohh she's so cute :) I can't wait till my little one is talking...

  3. Thank you SD. I am very anxious for Simon to start talking too because if he's anything like his sister...



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