Hey first timers!

Welcome to the insanity that is my life with kids for all of you that have come visiting from my twin sister's blog. Kim and Jo are pros at this blog stuff (me not so much) and I am very proud of both of them and the popularity of their blog. This blog is very different from Desire to Inspire and if I can just get a few of you to chuckle at my daughter's antics then I am a happy mom.



  1. Hi I am a first timer and it is a pleasure to visit you here! I enjoyed the cute rooms for kids ;-)

  2. So glad you dropped by and enjoyed the rooms iLa!

  3. I just read your entire blog (since discovering the link to it this morning) and was in hysterics - so funny! I also have 2 kids but haven't written down any of their funny statements, but I will start now!

    Keep it up!


  4. I am just thrilled that you found it funny Natalie. You should definitely document the funny things your kids say. To me this blog is even better than a baby book! I only wish I had started it sooner and I am for sure going to keep up with it (even after I go back to work and have no free time).

  5. Hi :)

    That was a lovely welcome.. thank you x

    Lullaby and Goodnight is very different from Desire to Inspire.. but both are just as wonderful in their own rights!

    Have fun with it and thanks for sharing your insanities with us :o)

    I'm still chuckling away here at... 'Bologna' x

  6. You are very sweet GreenWhisper and I thank you. I was just about to say that I have no idea where the 'full of bologna' came from but it hit me that I probably have my mom to thank for that one!

  7. so nice to have discovered you. and i have a twin sister too! :)

  8. Thanks Joanna and isn't having a twin fun?! Kim and I are identical twins and we're the same in every way and we're very close.



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