The exciting day I had

We found out about a toy sale going on at Lansdowne park - Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse. So this morning we dropped Isabella off at my parents' place and Pablo, Simon and I headed out to Lansdowne to check out this toy sale. I went freaking nuts. As soon as you walk in, they hand you a big red garbage bag (instead of using shopping carts). Well, we ended up needing 4 bags. I was like a kid in a candy store! I bought a ton of books for the kids for $1 and $1.50. The most expensive was $5. I think I filled one third of a garbage bag with books. We ended up buying very little for Simon - I think because of the age that he is...but oh boy did they ever have alot of toys for boys 3+. Isabella is going to have a good Christmas this year let me tell ya! I should probably save some of the stuff for her birthday but most likely I won't.

Anyway, there was an insane amount of people at the warehouse. It was PACKED. You had to reach over and squeeze through people to get to the toys. Pablo ended up parking himself and Simon off in a corner because it was almost impossible to get through the aisles with the stroller. When I got down to the third last aisle, I sent Pablo to line up at a cash because the lines there were getting quite large. I made it back to wait with him in plenty of time and Simon was hamming it up for everyone around - giving high fives and waving to the crowd while laughing. He is so well behaved in public and so much fun to take out!

Turns out this toy warehouse is coming back at the end of April and it'll be alot of summer toys so we are so going back. This way we can shop for Isabella's birthday nice and early and get it all done at one place.

I had picked out a few really cheap barbie's like you'd get at the dollar store (and these were $1 or $1.50) and gave them to Isabella when my mom dropped her off tonight. She was so excited and then she started saying things like, "Thanks mom for my 2009 barbie's", and "Look at my 2009 barbie!" My mom and I were cracking up. The kid even memorizes commercials for crying out loud! I just love that my kid is so darn entertaining.

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