Family update

Pablo went back to the hospital yesterday because his breathing was still not good. They thought he might have gotten pneumonia but tests came back negative (but on the verge of positive). Pablo can't go back to work for another week.

Simon is sick too. Runny nose, nose congestion, a small cough. No fever so far.

Isabella still has a cold.

I woke up this morning with a stuffed up nose and my throat is starting to hurt.

I'd like to go back home today. Everyone is exhausted. EXHAUSTED!!!

(A big thank you to my folks for helping me with the kids and letting us stay with them!!!)

UPDATE: we were told that we can't go back home till tuesday - Pablo should be isolated for 7 days. As of tuesday, the kids and I will have had our vaccines for 14 days and that's pretty safe to me. We're all really looking forward to going back home so that things can get back to normal - somewhat.

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