When it rains it pours

Pablo has the swine flu. He spent the day at the hospital yesterday (he was having difficulties breathing).

The kids and I spent the night, and will be spending the next few days at my parents' place. You see, as of yesterday, we've had our H1N1 vaccines for only 7 days. It takes 10 to 14 days for it to be fully effective. GO FIGURE. What I really wanted to put for the title of this post was WHEN IT RAINS IT SHIT STORMS.

I had to miss work yesterday because it was Pablo's day to watch the kids.

Pablo, I really hope you get better soon. We miss you and Isabella asks about you often. Yesterday morning at breakfast she said, "If we all work together, maybe we can make daddy feel better!"

UPDATE: Isabella has a runny nose, is congested, has complained of a sore throat, and is CRABBY.

 I repeat: SHIT STORMS


  1. sorry to hear that, i hope he feels better soon and wee Isabella x ..touch wood the SHIT STORMS stop there. your.. 'WHEN IT RAINS IT SHIT STORMS' cracked me up :o)

    sue x

  2. Sorry to hear that - my children and I got ours last Saturday so I'm hoping we manage to stay healthy before our immunity kicks in fully...

  3. thanks guys. i just want this all to be over soon...



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