A little bday and food

Happy 15 months to Simon!!! My boy has turned into a little walking machine! And he does it with the biggest, proudest smile on his face. Still loves his princess movies...

I am so happy to have the tv in the kitchen (we moved it there last week). I'd prefer to have a family room off the kitchen where the kids could play instead of watch tv at the kitchen table...

Pablo is out of town for a couple of days for work. Just me and the kiddos and me on a baking kick! Yesterday I made lime squares. I just love this dessert. (I was too lazy to take my own photos)

I also had the urge to make chocolate covered bananas. DELICIOUS. I have all the Martha Stewart FOOD magazines since they first came out and I get most of my recipes from them.

This morning I made banana blueberry muffins. I just took them out of the oven and Isabella is so darn excited to eat them...and so am I!!!


  1. I love his hair! He's so cute :) All that food looks delicious, I need to get that magazine... By the way, the ONLY way to get my picky eater to eat is by letting her watch tv, we have a tv in the kitchen too :)

  2. Thanks Miki! I hate relying on the tv but ever since we put it in the kitchen, both kids eat better and Isabella actually SITS for most of the meal. I grew up watching tv at dinner - my mom used to time dinner with Three's Company.

  3. Choco covered banana's are really good w/FROZEN banana's too. You just pop the stick in them & then freeze before dipping in the chocolate. YUM. In fact, I want one right NOW.

  4. You can't go wrong with bananas and chocolate! Frozen sounds good too.



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