Update on Pablo

Yesterday I posted about Pablo having surgery. It went reasonably well. He was hallucinating a bit once he came to so they wanted him to stay at the hospital overnight. They ended up allowing him to go home at 8pm last night. The kids and I went to get him, picked up some good drugs (at the drugstore of course) and everyone managed to get to bed by 9:30ish.

Turns out that this surgery was only part 1. GO FIGURE. The skin graft didn't happen yet. Not sure when the next surgery will be. It would be nice if it could happen while I'm off work but I'm not very hopeful.

I just remembered something Isabella said last night as we were heading to the hospital...something to lighten up the mood of this post anyway...

"You know, mom, a bank is where you use a card and put in some money so that you can buy cheeseburgers and bagels."

Smart little cookie.


  1. Glad to read Pablos' surgery went well. Sorry to hear you're going through all this. Must be hard with two kids. My husbands pulls a muscle and I feel like I'm juggling three kids. But as you mentioned, it's fantastic you had the two kids before all the surgeries. Hope the second surgery is soonish and the healing goes well.

  2. Thanks kk. I'm hanging in there quite well despite not having my folks around to help out. I just love being home with the kids right now and not having to worry about work.



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