Simon - 16 months old

16 months already! Where in the heck does the time go?

Simon has completely mastered walking and once in awhile I'll catch him almost running. Crawling is a thing of the past.

Simon still has two naps during the day. One usually around 9:30 am and another around 2:30. This is probably due to the fact that he only sleeps for 10 hours at night (8:30pm - 6:30am). I'm just happy that the morning wake-up moved from 5am to 6:30am. This is SO VERY HELPFUL.

It's amazing what Simon can understand. I can ask him to go get a truck and he'll walk over to the toy room and hunt down a truck and bring it out to me - all the while making 'vroom vroom' noises. I'll hand him a book and if I hand it to him upside down, he'll turn it right side up and then open it up. If I give him a book and ask him where the truck is, he'll flip through all the pages and once he's found a truck he'll point to it and say 'vroom vroom'. Can you tell he has a thing for trucks? Yup, trucks and Barbie princess movies. What a combo. 

(Pacifier in photos below = teeth coming in and an unhappy Simon)

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