Loooooong overdue haircuts for the kids. They BOTH had never gotten their hair cut before and they both sat still and were awesome.

I saved a bunch of her curls that were chopped off:
And now I present to you, the new and improved boy:

and some of his hair:

and then I go to take a picture of him and SURPRISE!, look what he's holding today (see this post):


  1. isabella looks so pretty with her hair all blown dry :)

    and simon! you know, i usually am very sad when i see little boys get their hair cut for the first time because the cut is always so severe and makes them look way older than they should . . but this is a good haircut. i approve :)

  2. Thanks for the compliments and the approval raena! I think we ended up cutting off all of Isabella's curls but she had bad split ends so at least now her hair is healthy.

    As for the little man, I am just thrilled too that it ended up not being too severe. Just the right amount was cut and he still has his cute curls and looks adorable - not too old looking either.

  3. super cute. i'm sad about bella's curls though.
    kisses to them both.

  4. Thanks Jen...I am sad about the curls but her hair still looks adorable so it's okay. I will kiss them both for ya!



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