A long day

The kids and I picked Pablo up at the hospital at 8 am this morning and took him home. Then his phone started ringing and by 1 pm, our house was packed with people. All friends of Pablo. It was insanity. I found it hard to deal with because I just wanted quiet. Pablo on the other hand, loved having the distraction and was in such a great mood. It was really nice of everyone to come by, but I was really overwhelmed. Some of his friends took him back to the hospital and I'll pick him up in the morning after the MRI on his abdomen. Just what we need - the possibility of more bad news.

I am so drained, tired and exhausted and the kids are too.

Off to bed and I hope that family day tomorrow is much more quiet.

Again I want to say thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments. Your kind words have been touching - to me and to Pablo (who also read them).

I'll post again tomorrow night. Goodnight all.


  1. Here's to a happy, quiet family day for you all tomorrow! You are in my thoughts.

  2. Hello! I am another reader coming out of the woodwork. You have such a sweet family and reading your posts about the funny things that happen with them always makes me smile. I am so sorry about everything that is going on and my heart aches for you. I am praying for your family. You are doing great taking care of them!!! I have no idea what it is like to go through everything you are at this time but it is apparent through your posts that you are such a loving wife and mother and you are exactly what your family needs right now. Hang in there! I really hope your mister heals quickly and I will keep praying for your family.

  3. I'll add my hopes for a quiet family day tomorrow and loads of sleep tonight for everyone.

  4. I continue to think and pray about you and your family. I hope you can have some peaceful time together. I'll be praying that your surgeon is on his A-game on Tuesday. Huge hugs and good vibes and prayers are going your way.

  5. Your comments really help keep me going - especially knowing that you guys have never met me...us. Thank you.

    I slept well last night. I wouldn't let myself 'think' so that made it a somewhat peaceful sleep.

  6. glad you got some rest! sending hugs... and lots of love to you all xx

  7. A total stranger who really enjoys your blog (maybe even more than I like your sister's:)....just want to send you and your family many healing thoughts. Take Care.



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