My girl

When Isabella woke up this morning, she looked over at me and asked, "Mom, do you think daddy is feeling better today?"

I told her I'm sure he was feeling a bit better but I had to look away when I answered...


  1. i read your blog, but have never left a comment. i just wanted to let you know that my thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.

  2. Oh, ((((((Julia)))))), honey :(

    My heart aches for you guys.

    I learned something through all the years and years of losses in my own family and the year of losses when I worked for a home health care agency taking care of cancer patients in their homes ... attitude and beliefs make a huge difference in the way that everyone is able to cope.

    It's OK to tell Isabella that "yes, you're sure that Daddy is feeling better today." But, add: let's say a special prayer for Daddy to make sure that he has all the help from the angels that he can use.

    Isabella is a smart little girl ... way beyond her years. She'll be able to tell from the feelings that are circulating around that 'something' is going on. You want her to be able to feel that she's doing *SOMETHING TO HELP*. All little girls should believe in the power of angels.

    Little girl's Momma's should believe, too. We create the reality that we want, Julia. Don't let fear create something in your life that you don't want.

    BELIEVE that the love and prayers and healing thoughts that are being sent from all over the world for your husband will accomplish miracles. SEE that miracle in your future.

    Go to your local library and get anything you can find about Therapeutic Touch (by Dolores Kreiger). You can use the strength and the love in your touch to help your husband.

    Bless you and your children and, especially, your husband. We all pray for miracles for all of you. Hang on tight and BELIEVE, Julia.



  3. I fear because I don't want my kids to grow up without their dad. I don't want to raise them without him. I've had so few days to deal with this that I just can't get over the shock enough to think straight. I can't shake the fear. It won't budge. Tuesday is a huge day that is going to change our lives forever and I want so bad to SEE that miracle.

    Big hugs back Barb. Thank you so much for everything you've said.



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