Now I'm REALLY pissed...

Pablo just called. The surgeon went in to see him and they might do the surgery MONDAY. As in 6 days from now. HOLY SHIT. Can't swear in front of the kids so I'm choosing to do it here for fuck sakes.

They'll let him come home till Monday. How nice of them. And if they say DAY PASS I'm going to really fucking lose it.

This has all yet to be confirmed AS USUAL.

And as my very Italian Nonna would say (grandmother - she passed away a few yrs ago):
FACKINSANAMABEECH !!!!!   (my Nonna was awesome as you can tell)


  1. Oh fuck is perhaps a perfect commentary. (Kudos for doing it here instead of in front of the kids. Nice willpower--I aspire to this!)

  2. Oh, my word!! It's a good thing I'm not there ... I'd be kicking some serious physicians' ass.

    Don't these people realize the head games they're playing with you guys. Geeze!!

    Julia, I admire your self-control. I would have been spouting so much profanity over that place you'd think it was a remake of that movie with the spinnin' head and the spewing vomit.

    I cannot believe this crap. At least you've got a place to focus your anger for a few days.

    Hang on tight, Julia. Looks like this roller coaster's taking a side trip.

    I'm gonna picture you guys taking a nice trip to a Caribbean beach ... white sand, blue, warm water, gentle breezes, large umbrellas to keep the sun out of your eyes, island band playing in the background ...

    BREATHE ... and believe that your steps are being guided in the way that they're supposed to go. Maybe The Universe wants a particular doctor at the surgery and he won't be on-duty until Monday. BELIEVE that this is going to turn OK for everyone.

    BIG HUGS (and prayers and love for everyone).


  3. As much as I'd love to kick some surgeon ass, I thought to myself that these people are going to be touching my husband's brain and do I really want to piss them off?!?!?!?!

    Maybe it's a good thing I was at home this morning when the surgeon told him the news...

    Your comment made me laugh Barb. Thanks.

  4. Julia - I'm so sorry for your family's horrendous ordeal. Swearing is appropriate, if not mandatory.
    From a mom who’s 4 year old was muttering “damn it” under his breath the other day (oops!)

  5. I thought it might be comforting for you to know that even if you don't know me, I read your blog every day, and I swear with you (I don't have kids so I do it out loud). Lots and lots of positive thoughts going your way.

    I know exactly how hard it is, and I wish I didnt...

  6. Michele - does your 4 year old know all the words to the theme song to Family Guy?...cause mine sure as heck does! LOL!

    Lea - Thank you and if you've had to go through this then I'm so sorry because I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

  7. So sorry to read all this - I'm thinking good thoughts for all of you.

  8. i'm still keeping you all in my thoughts and sending loads of postive vibes your way.. but after reading this am also doing a little swearing (for fucks sake - can't believe the op is delayed!!) love your grandmothers style :) big hugs sweetie xxxx

  9. Get on the swear train Sue! It's gonna be a wild ride!!! LOL! Hugs back.



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