That's my Pablo...

This morning, a man walked into Pablo's room and went over to his bed and asked Pablo if he remembered who he was. Pablo asked him if they had met before and the man replied, "Yeah, last night at 2:30 am".

The man then explained to Pablo that when Pablo was coming back from the bathroom down the hall, he had walked into his wife's room, walked over to her bed, patted her feet and said, "You can stay in my bed if you'd like but scoot over." The man then walked Pablo out of the room and back into his proper room which was right next door.

And that's my Pablo!  (he was on some good drugs last night obviously...)

I'm hanging out at the hospital right now with Pablo. This morning Pablo was told that the surgery would be at 8:30am tomorrow. Not anymore. One of the doctors just came in and told us that it looks like the surgery will POSSIBLY be moved to Wednesday. The cancellation that they thought they were going to have tomorrow which is why Pablo was getting squeezed in is not looking like a cancellation anymore. AND there is a machine that they want to use that they don't think will be available on Tuesday.They still don't want Pablo to eat past midnight tonight JUST IN CASE.

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  1. ((((((Julia+Pablo)))))),

    I love the pictures that you've posted over the past couple of days. You guys are a cute couple together and you make *BOO..FUL* babies :grin:

    Pablo, I'd be crawling under the bed if that guy had just told me I tried to sleep with his wife. That must have been some drug!!

    I can't believe that they might be making you, Pablo, go through two sessions of not eating. I'd be screaming, "*NARROW IT DOWN, FOOL!!*". They'd be kicking me out of there on my be-hind. But, then, my son is always telling me I've got no filter on my mouth :blush:

    ((((((Pablo))))))+((((((Julia)))))), whether the surgery's tomorrow or Wednesday, get a real good picture in your head of the ABSOLUTE HERDS of people who are praying for you guys and holding your entire family in our hearts. Can you see us standing beside you and behind you?? We've got your backs ... ALWAYS.

    You guys do the hard work of BELIEVING that this is all going to turn out OK. We're all gonna be witness to *A MIRACLE*.

    BIG HUGS (and prayers and healing thoughts for all of you. ((((((Especially, *YOU*, Pablo.))))))




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