Staple removal part II and update

Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks?!?!?!?!? Pablo doesn't like profile shots of himself so he sent me the second shot so I could post it too.


After I left the hospital today, one of the neurosurgeons had a chat with Pablo (never fails to happen when I'm not at the hospital...). Turns out, the tumour was a grade 3 2 benign one. There is still a bit left in his brain and because of this, there is a good chance that another tumour will form. In a month, once Pablo has healed, there will be a discussion whether he should undergo chemo and/or radiation to get rid of what's left. He'll have to get checked every 4-6 weeks to see whether or not another tumour has grown.

Even though he gets to come home tomorrow, there will be many appointments at the hospital in the coming weeks. He also isn't supposed to be left alone for the next couple of months in case he has another mini-stroke.

Isabella is so excited to have her dad home tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it too.


  1. OMG, ((((((Julia))))))!!! Gotta get my pink tutu back from the dry cleaners so I can do my official "Happy Dance" :grin:

    Home, tomorrow ... benign ... Ohhh, thank G-d!!

    I loved the pictures of Isabella and her Dad. You guys are doing a wonderful job of raising beautiful children. They are a blessing!!

    BIG HUGS ... and medium hugs ... and tiny hugs ... got to cover all the bases :smile:


  2. I'm so glad he gets to come home tomorrow! He looks pretty stinking good for a guy who just had brain surgery!

    Not that he doesn't look good for a guy without brain surgery. ;-)

  3. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Squealing, yelling, laughing. Don't you two ever do this to us again :):) The lesbian ex-nun prayer mafia strike again. Although I haven't told the girls to stand down yet. Such good news.

  4. Sweet! I'm so so so happy for you guys! Pablo looks great! Enjoy your family time, finally :-)

    Take Care!
    xxx (it's a french thing ;-) )

  5. Barb - I have no clue what you look like so instead I'm picturing a moose in a pink tutu...LOL

    Collette - he does look pretty darn good, doesn't he! He recovers from things quicker than anyone I know...

    Jo - a very big thank you to the lesbian ex-nun prayer mafia and to you for all your support.

    Sabrina - Thanks for everything and once I'm back at work, we'll have to do lunch! xxx back to ya!



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