Staple removal part III and update

I changed something pretty important in the last post. Pablo thought his tumour was grade 3 benign but it was actually grade 2 benign (I think grade 3 tumours are malignant).

Isabella and I went to pick up Pablo at the hospital around 11:30 and then we went to see our family doctor. Pablo had some paperwork for her and we chatted with her about recent events and his upcoming appointments. It's going to be hard for Pablo to rest when he's got all these appointments. I sure hope his head can take it. She did share with us some good news. The abdomen MRI results came back with absolutely nothing wrong. YIPPEE! Pablo is now down to 3 issues instead of what we thought to be 4 (brain tumour, left side numbness and lichens sclerosis).

Pablo is upstairs having a nap. The car ride home was tiring for him. That was more fresh air and sunshine than he's had in almost 3 weeks. I had to promise Isabella that I'd make her some popcorn  to get her out of the bedroom so that Pablo could sleep. And as I type this, she just tried to sneak upstairs...


  1. I'm so, so happy he's home. And the news keeps getting better. It's a trend, I know it!



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