Home sweet home

Hard to believe that the four of us all sat down and ate dinner together last night. I can honestly say that it's been MONTHS since that's happened. I still can't believe all we've been through the last few months and more specifically, the last few weeks.

I don't know what the future will bring but if we can make it though a brain tumour, we can make it through whatever else gets thrown at us.

Pablo and Simon the day before the surgery
and a happy 18 months to our boy!


  1. Yay welcome home, and a VERY happy birthday to Simon!

  2. Welcome home to Pablo and happy half birthday to Simon! This occasion definitely calls for cupcakes! Or the equivalent. ;-)

  3. I haven't had an appetite since the tumour discovery but it's come back in the last week and cupcakes sound DELICIOUS!!! Simon was especially cute and adorable today in honour of his half birthday (and because my sister had Isabella all day).



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