Special delivery!

Look what we got tonight!

Pablo, the kids and I would like to thank my co-workers: Gayatri, Sabrina, Dianne, Laurie, Olga, Ray and Taralee for this awesome edible flower arrangement (and thank you to Jane for the delivery!). I had barely opened it when the kids were digging in and ate a whole bunch. We all love fruit so this will be gone by tomorrow. I've claimed the chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks again you guys!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I have to take Pablo back to the hospital. Pablo was talking with our family doctor today about how the pain meds he's on haven't been helping at all with his headaches for the past few days. Our family doctor then had a long chat with the head of neurology at the hospital who wants to see Pablo to make sure he doesn't have a blood clot.


  1. Oh, how sweet! And I'm so glad he finally got to come home. I hope everything turns out okay with the neurologist.

  2. What a lovely gift! Maybe they'll bring cupcakes next. ;-) It's actually really sweet that they brought fruit. When you're at the hospital and busy it's really easy to not get any fruit or veggies.

    I'm glad they're going to take a look tomorrow--better early. Hang in there! (And hide all the chocolate covered strawberries!!!)



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