More pain meds please

I took Pablo to his appointment at the hospital this morning. For the first time, we actually got to see MRI photos of his head and the tumour before it was removed. Holy crap it was big! I should see if I can get a copy of it...

No blood clot or anything abnormal. Right after surgery, Pablo was given a steroid (Dexamethasone) to help with the brain swelling. He was given this steroid for only a few days. He's back on it again to hopefully help decrease the pressure in his head and lessen the headache severity. He's on a hefty dose of Dilaudid but it isn't doing much of anything and the doctor this morning said that there really isn't anything stronger that he can prescribe. Pablo is also taking Dilantin which is an anti-seizure medication.

The hospital just called and Pablo has an appointment tomorrow with his neurosurgeon to go over the pathology results. We'll probably be discussing the next steps - how we're going to deal with the bits of tumour that are still left...


  1. What about Topamax..anti seizure medication also used as a type of migraine headache med aswell..my daughter takes Topamax for anti seizure. I know there are a lot of anti seizure meds...mainly cause we have tried them all...but I thought of Topamax because of its other use. Sometimes docs will use the most common, oldest med as they know the most about it as to side effects etc but quiz them on others that may aid pain relief aswell there may be nothing but worth the question.

  2. I'll mention Topamax at our appointment this afternoon. Thanks!



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