Daybeds in kids' rooms

 tangletree interiors

Wayfair has featured 10 of their favorite daybeds from their favorite interior designers, and they've  deconstructed each design to showcase the important details that go into designing each one. Wayfair is also a great resource for picking one up. Check out their post on daybeds here.


  1. Oh, if I could get away with a daybed in Gabe's room, I'd do it in a minute. Of course, that would limit the amount of company we have. Wait...that's win/win!!!!

  2. The next set of company arrived. Late, without warning. I could seriously use that daybed about now!

  3. Thanks! Fortunately, they seem to have some sort of internal timer that forces them out of our place right around the 24 hour mark. Makes for an interesting visit.

  4. 24 hours is short and sweet. Maybe not sweet but at least short...

  5. All Bedframes · Single Bed Frames · King Single Bed Frames · Double Bed Frames Beds · Queen Bed Frames · King Bed Frames · Trundle Beds · Daybeds add seating during the day and transform into a sleeping space at night



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