Words to live by

I was looking around on Etsy and came across a bracelet (from Michelle Verbeeck's shop) and on this bracelet was a saying that had me tear up the second I read it. I ordered one for Pablo and one for myself. The saying is how we've lived our lives the last few months...how we've managed to survive it and keep going.


  1. LOVE IT. Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? I think that you have to still find the joy in life, even when things suck. You have handled this with such grace & I admire that.

  2. I need to tattoo this on my forehead. But then I'd have to look in the mirror to see it. ;-)

  3. Oh Collette! :)

    I want another tattoo (I have two) but I think Pablo is too chicken to get one so I opted for the bracelets.

  4. I don't know if I'm chicken so much as wary. Stuff is starting to submit to gravity and I can't really imagine where it's gonna be in about 20 more years. I'd end up with one of those long skinny tattoos!

  5. LOL! Mine are strategically placed such that they wouldn't look too deformed as the years go by...



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