Happy father's day!

Happy father's day to my dad and to Pablo (from the kids and I).

I am so thankful to my dad for all the help that he and my mom have given us during the last few crazy and stressful months. The kids love their Nonno very much!

And to Pablo...I'm not even sure quite how to put it...Just a few months ago I wasn't even sure if you'd  make it through brain tumor surgery. There were many times that I prayed for you to make it because the thought of raising the kids without their dad scared me. The thought of not growing old with you scared me. Your strength and positive spirit through everything has been truly inspiring. The fact that you are here today - our family together - means the whole world, to me and to the boo and the boy. We love you lots!


  1. Oh Julia, your words are so touching! Tears get into my eyes and I'am very happy for you, that you have so lovely parents and such a born fighter! I wish you so much happiness and so much time to enjoy each other! (Sorry, for my bad englisch) :o)

    Best wishes from Jenny

  2. Oh, that's so sweet! You made me cry a little bit--in a good way. This Father's Day has a lot of hope in it for you.

    My 2 favorite pictures are where Simon is chomping on Grandpa's finger and where Isabella is pulling on Pablo's ear. Why do my favorites involve torture????

  3. Thanks Jenny! I have a wonderful and supportive family who have done so much to help us.

    Collette - it's only torture when the people involved aren't smiling!

  4. That is exactly true, Julia! (And thanks for the excuse--making me not seem so bloodthirsty!)



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