No end to medical issues...

Pablo just can't get a break. It's crazy. So here's the latest medical issue. Oh yes, there is yet another medical issue and not pleasant.

Saturday, Pablo felt a lump on his right inner thigh. It is now real freaking big. Like the size of an egg. Just when he was really starting to worry about what it could be (ie. possible blood clot...), our family doctor called to discuss some blood test results. Pablo mentions the lump and she tells him that she wants to see him first thing Monday morning but if he gets a fever or anything, he is to proceed once again to the nearest hospital. Thankfully nothing of the sort happened and we went to visit her this morning. She examined the lump and said it needed to be drained asap and she will do it at her office. Fantastic. No hospital. Tomorrow at 11:30am, she will freeze that area of leg, cut open the lump and drain it and then pack gauze in the hole. This is a total deja-vu from when Pablo had a cyst in his lower back a few years ago and had to have it surgically removed and then the hole was packed with gauze. Every day for weeks, a nurse came to our house and re-packed the hole. This had to be done right up until the hole was so small that it couldn't be stuffed anymore. Very unpleasant.

Hopefully this is all we have to deal with till his next surgery (for lichens sclerosis) on July 14th...please and thank you.


  1. Holy crap. Okay, please, thank you and good thoughts that this is it til the next surgery.

  2. The doctor said the very same thing today...



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