Another addition to the caravan

How amazingly gorgeous and fun is this granny squares pillow front?!?!?!? LOVE IT! Huge thanks again to Kim for this. Found on Etsy of course - from jamielanie.etsy.com.

AND, the parcel of caravan goodies arrived from Jo, all the way from Australia. I posted Jo's Flickr photos of the contents here. I can't thank you enough Jo!!!!!!!


  1. How lucky is Isabella?! When I was a kid my dad had two trailers in our driveway that he was working on all the time. He dreamed of fixing them up for family vacations but I dreamed he'd let me live in one! I used to help out and while I was handing over the tools I was busy in my mind decorating it up! LOL! He ended up selling them both but I never forgot about that summer. Your posts are so much fun for me to see and what a great idea it was to do that for her. This is something she will never forget :)

  2. Isabella loved the trailer since the first day - when it was tacky and ugly inside. She is going to freak out when we are done with it!



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