A Pablo update...

Tonight Pablo is going to the hospital for a little sleepover...sleep apnea testing. Since the brain surgery, Pablo has only been getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. It's bad enough that some of the meds he's on make him a little crusty but add lack of sleep and I end up locking him up in our room...so we'll see what the sleep test results show.

This afternoon Pablo had an appointment to have his mask made for the radiation. I got to watch them make it - very interesting. They also moved up the start date of his radiation since he didn't end up having his Lichens Sclerosis surgery last Wednesday. Instead of starting treatments on August 9th, they are starting on the 3rd. It's going to be long 5.5 weeks of treatment. We don't know how hard the radiation will be on Pablo, how it will affect him. It's going to be rough - emotionally for sure, physically who knows...


  1. Positive thoughts coming your way... You are one tough cookie Julia, hang in there :)

  2. Ay-yi-yi. The good news about the sleep study is if they do find he has sleep apnea, they can do something to help him get more good sleep. Which means better healing and a happier Pablo. All good.

    Hugs, girl.

  3. Turns out Pablo slept for 34 minutes last night. He got home at 6:30 this morning more tired than he's ever been. He's wanted back at some point for more testing...FANTASTIC!

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