Isabella's 4th birthday

Isabella had an awesome birthday yesterday. It was a day filled with riding her bike at our house, playing with her good buddy Myles (our neighbor), swimming and more swimming (she wouldn't get out of the pool), family, lots and lots of presents, yummy Nonna's lasagna and a Spongebob Dairy Queen ice cream cake (at Isabella's request). Here are a ton of photos from yesterday:

Pablo took this next photo...


  1. That looks like a wonderful, wonderful day!

    And did she change clothes halfway through the day? Like she's at a red carpet event? ;-)

  2. Red carpet!...perfect for Her Highness!

    I put her in the black and white outfit when she woke up because I figured by lunch it would be dirty and I wanted her in her pink and white outfit (from my friend Ella) for the party pictures. Then there was the bathing suit that was on her for hours too. This must be why I do a ridiculous amount of laundry...

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