She's 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

The boo turns four today!!! Where have the last four years gone!?!?!?!? Turning four is HUGE for Isabella because ever since she could talk, Isabella has asked to go to school and we always told her that she could go to school once she turns four. Now the problem is that Isabella thinks that she'll start school tomorrow. We tried to tell her that she'll have to wait till September...

My baby girl is growing up so fast! It feels like not too long ago I gave birth to the boo and Pablo and I were on cloud nine!

And then our baby turned 1:

and then 2:

and 3:

Isabella, you never fail to impress us and make us laugh. You are an awesome little girl and a fantastic big sister. We love you SOOOOO much! (And I LOVE that you still always refer to me as 'dear')

Here is a collection of some of my favourite photos of Isabella:


  1. The swimsuit, the winter hat and the dancing photo. Those are my favorites. So much fun seeing a progression like this.

    I hope Isabella has a wonderful day filled with sunshine and fun! And CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those 3 are my favs because her personality really stands out in those photos.

    I'm so happy that it is going to be a sunny, relatively warm day. We'll be celebrating at my parents' place (where else) since swimming and playing in the pool is all Isabella ever wants to do...plus there's way more room there than at our place.

    Ice cream cake all the way!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter. Four is a wonderful age! Hope that you have a great day with her...birthdays are always a little hard for Mommas, even though you know you are happy that they are growing:)

  4. She´s so gorgeous! Happy birthday to her and congrats to you!

  5. What a beautiful angel. Congratulations!

  6. Just got back (real late!) from the birthday party. Isabella had a blast and the ice cream cake was delicious. It is hard to see her grow up so quick but I am so darn proud of who she's become.

    Thank you elizabeth, elena and peggy!

  7. She is so absolutely beautiful! I love the winter hat picture! Happy Birthday to your funny and crazy little girl. Congratulations on your 7 years together with Pablo as well, I bet this year its super special being together after all that you guys have been going through :) Congrats!

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter. Love your blog! My sister led me to it and your sister´s DTI blog as well. Actually, you guys inspired us to start our own "sisterly" blog.
    AND it was my sister´s bday on July 2nd as well (mine was on the 4th!). So, Happy BDay Isabella and D!
    Can´t resist... if you´re curious, we´d love a visit from you to our blog (though it´s mostly in spanish)... maybe you´d like to take a look at what I posted for my little sister´s birthday.
    Cheers from Mexico!

  9. Happy birthday to you and your sister! I had a look at your blog and it's very cute. I love your banner. Have fun with it!



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