It is disgusting outside (see temperature circled in red). The kids keep wanting to go out but the second you walk outside, the humidity hits you in the face and you immediately start sweating. GROSS. The weather here in Ottawa is ridiculous. In the winter it can get as low as -40 and then it gets this bloody hot in the summer..


  1. Wow that is intense as!!
    I'm so glad that here in New Zealand the lowest it gets (where i live) is only -4 (degrees Celsius) And hottest probably only 28 (degrees Celsius)lol.

    Hope you all keep nice and cool :)
    (im trying to keep warm, its winter here)


  2. Keren - I wish we only got down to -4. I could tolerate that. -40 is way too cold and it makes our winters truly miserable. And the fact that it'll have been in the forties (celsius) for a week is too damn hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Good luck getting through your winter!

    Hollie - How can you stand it? I love summer and heat but when you step outside and you can barely breathe because it's like walking into a sauna, that's where I draw the line...

  3. Holy hell. That's what it was like here last weekend. With no air conditioning. (Don't ask--it just pisses me off at Joe--it's in now that we don't need it.) And company. EEEEEEKKKKKK.

    We spent 2 afternoons at the lake on a new beach about 8 blocks from our place. The water was cool and lovely but man, even walking across that sand to get to the water was brutal.

  4. No air conditioning?!?!?! Yikes. We've had ours going non-stop for days and days now since this heat wave seems to have been going on for ages and is never-ending. And more company!?!?!?! I'm sorry. Company with no a/c could equal a bunch of grumpy, sweaty people...

    My parents' place is our summer oasis and they've got patio stones around the pool which burn your feet real bad. I wish we had decent beaches/water around here...

    I really try not to complain too much about our summer weather because it beats winter any day. I DESPISE winter here. Too bloody cold and way too much snow.



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