Pablo - 66 days post brain tumour removal

I took these photos July 1st. Looking pretty good if you ask me!


  1. ((((((Julia)))))),

    Told ya!! (Used to be married to a barber and my son is trained as a barber but doesn't work as one.)

    That's a good job they did on that hubby of yours. Pretty soon it won't show at all.

    I'll be glad when the inside is as good as the outside. BIG HUGS (and healing prayers).


  2. BARB!!!!!!!!!! It's been so long...I was starting to get worried!!! Glad to have you back and I hope all is well. Pablo is getting better everyday, still on quite a few meds but there is progress. Another pretty big surgery next week but since making it through brain surgery, everything else seems like a piece of cake in comparison...

  3. Pablo thanks you Collette! He hasn't cut his hair since this photo and it is even less noticeable as his hair has been growing.

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