One of Isabella's birthday gifts...

A dollhouse! - from Pablo and I

It's the 'Contemporary Dollhouse' by Plan Toys and I was shocked that a store here in Ottawa could sell something for kids that is that cool. I knew we had to buy it for Isabella. Last year, Kim had bought Isabella the furniture for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom and the family so for Isabella's birthday we bought the dollhouse and the living room.

We put the dollhouse on one of Isabella's dressers in her bedroom and did some rearranging to make room for it.

Kim was offloading some items from her house and she gave me these paper lanterns which found their new home in Isabella's room:


  1. I love that dollhouse! It looks good and it looks like a lot of fun. Isabella's entire room is fantastic!

  2. Thanks Terri! The dollhouse was quite pricy but I'm hoping it's something that Isabella can keep for a long time and eventually pass on to her kids...



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