Caravan update - new location, floor and paint

I took the kids to my parents place Sunday so that I could do more work on the caravan. Due to the dry weather we've had lately, the caravan was moved to its final destination in the back corner of my parents yard. We need to move the horseshoe pit and add plants, etc. Kim was kind enough to take photos for me:

I put down the new floor (peel and stick vinyl tiles) which was a TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS because the floor is so warped and crooked. I got it done. It's not the greatest workmanship but at least I did it (while drinking quite a bit of sangria - it was REALLY hot out). My first time laying a floor actually...

Kim had brought over her collection of left-over bright coloured paints and I got to work doing the insides of the cupboards. The pink in the next photo (over top of the stove) is only one coat (all I was able to get done).

We decided on a teal for the shelving over the dining area:


  1. Very jealous.
    It's looking fantastic.

  2. It looks great!I especially love the nice colours inside the cupboards! Well done!

  3. I love inside the cupboards. And you guys are troopers to be working in this heat!

  4. Thanks Collette! It's great that the trailer has a ton of windows but I'd still rather be swimming than laying a floor or painting...



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