A lazy Sunday afternoon

On the agenda today was supposed to be work on the trailer (that I haven't touched in about a month) but it is a crappy day outside and Isabella is extra whiny and we need to get groceries and renew the plates for the car. We're in the basement waiting for Simon to wake up from his nap, doing laundry and cleaning up the mountain of toys on the floor AGAIN...

Pablo asked Isabella if she wanted to play a game.

"What game?" Isabella asked.

"First one to fall asleep wins!" replied Pablo.

"No Daddy! That game is tiring!" her highness stated.

(Come to think of it, my mom and I went out last weekend and picked up some GORGEOUS, super cheap fabric to recover the rest of the trailer seat cushions. I don't have a photo of the fabric because my mom took it home with her...)


  1. Tell Pablo I LOVE that game! But she's right, it's tiring. ;-)

  2. :) As a parent and a light sleeper who hasn't gotten an uninterrupted nights sleep in over 4 years, I too LOVE that game.

    Pablo is having MAJOR difficulties with sleep...after radiation, that is next big concern of his numerous doctors.

  3. Oh man, sleep deprivation is the worst. I'm a light sleeper too and have trouble getting to sleep. It's so important, especially when you're trying to heal like Pablo. Warm milk with honey? (Nah, doesn't work for me either but sounds good.)

  4. I absolutely love warm milk and honey - haven't had it in awhile. Doesn't work but oh so comforting.



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