Oh vintage trailers...

Found via Oh Joy! - this is Enjoy Cupcakes.


  1. How adorable is that? And it comes with cupcakes? SOLD! Despite the fact that I have no place to park it.

  2. We could park them side by side on my street, selling cupcakes and drinking mojitos. It's a very dense couple of block with lots of high rises--I'm betting we could make some cash. ;-)

    I do wonder what the Secret Service would say when Obama comes home to visit--he lives 8 blocks from here and works out just down the street when he's home. I'm thinking they'd shut us down but maybe we'd just make even more money. Who doesn't love cupcakes???

    Maybe some of those hot Secret Service guys would want to search us. Hey, this could work out. Wait, do you think I'm up too late with too little sleep??? PUNCHY! And don't worry, Pablo, I'd take all the cute ones so as not to tempt Julia! I'm a giver, that's what I am.

  3. OMG Collette, you have no idea how much I needed a good laugh today (migraine from hell)!!! We could decorate each cupcake with Obama's face on top! $$$$!!! We could dress up in vintage short shorts and bikini tops! $$$$$$$$$!!! Pablo would LOVE this being a huge Obama fan and all.

  4. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope the migraine is gone today.

    Me in short shorts and bikini tops is not gonna make us any money I'm afraid. Too many people might lose their appetites! :-)

    You should see the Walgreens by our house. My friend calls it Obama Central. You can get mugs, t-shirts, all sorts of stuff with his name on it. At the DRUGSTORE. Isn't that crazy?

    I have some photos I took out my window of the hoopla surrounding his workout after he became president. I'll try and email them to you!

  5. My mom gave me some of her migraine pills (Zomig) and I took one and it did the trick (thank god!).

    I wouldn't be caught dead in short shorts and a bikini top - I blame it on the 2 kiddos...I was picturing us having super toned, supermodel bodies...one can dream right? LOL!

    It's times like these I wish we had a Walgreens. LOL! Pablo would be in heaven!

    And thanks so much for the email! You rock!



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