The LONG list of meds

Here is a list of meds that Pablo is on as of today (he got 2 more prescriptions today which were not ridiculously expensive, thank goodness):

valproic acid (anti-seizure)
rhovane (to help Pablo sleep)
melatonine (to help Pablo sleep)
ondansetron (anti-nausea)
ranitidine (reduces stomach acid)
dexamethasone (anti-swelling)
cymbalta (anti-depressant)
oxycocet (pain med for headaches)
lorazepam (to help Pablo sleep)
muscle relaxant

Info Pablo got today at treatment:

Pablo was told today that he isn't sick enough to get in-home care.
Patients who get in-home care get to see social workers.
Pablo was given the name of a social worker anyway.
The hospital admitted that we should have been told about government funding for his medication A LONG TIME AGO.
Pablo might be able to get rides to and from his appointments 2-3 days a week through the cancer center.
A doctor saw him after his treatment today (again, NOT his oncologist) and he told Pablo that he shouldn't be driving anymore after this week.



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