More hospital crap

Pablo unexpectedly saw his oncologist today (he is supposed to see him only on Tuesdays). In regards to the 'misinformation', he told Pablo that the misinformation was explained in that 'it could happen' not that 'this is what is happening'. Pablo didn't hear it this way - he understood the information as actual, not as a possibility. I'm pissed I wasn't there. This is why it is always good to have a second person at appointments WHEN INFORMATION (OF ANY KIND) IS GIVEN.

THEN, Pablo spoke to a nurse in regards to government funding for his medication (as hinted to by our pharmacist). The nurse asked if we had spoken to a social worker at the cancer center and Pablo said no, he had never seen a social worker during any of this. The nurse was surprised to hear that we had not seen a social worker, that we had not heard about in-home health care or the ride program that would help get Pablo to and from his radiation treatment appointments. UNREAL. The nurse put an EMERGENCY RUSH on the whole social worker thing and Pablo was promised this would get resolved by his appointment tomorrow...


  1. Amazing how helpful they can become when covering their asses. If you can think of anything else you need, ask NOW! ;-)



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