Pablo just finished up today's treatment and his oncologist wanted to speak to him.

Turns out, the doctor (not his oncologist) that told him the news Monday that things are going bad, that his tumour looks like cancer, that he'll need a biopsy and that he might only have 9 - 12 months to live...


Pablo doesn't even need a biopsy. Treatment is going REALLY well.

Now I am in tears AGAIN.
Happy tears but O M G I can't take any more of this.


  1. Looks like the prayers are working already :) So sorry yo guys had to go through that... uggh. Keep thinking good thoughts, they tend to multiply :)

  2. That is frickin brutal!!! I think that Doctor needs to be reprimanded for causing you such grief!!

    BUT, thank frickin goodness Pablo is on the better path! I am so pleased for you all!!!!

    (Of course I feel sorry for this other patient...sheesh doctors and their half-cup-empty forecasts).

    I am glad you have some happy tears flowing! You all deserve some happiness.


  3. WOW! (Don't they know they're supposed to check the charts before they tell people those things?) So so so glad everything is actually going well!

  4. When I read yesterday's post I didn't even know what to comment I was so sad for you. But now I'm relieved and a little angry. Those doctors need to get it together! My goodness. But so happy treatment is going well!

  5. holy cow. I'd sue that dr for emotional distress. wow. how do you say something like that to another human being without double checking all of the data??

  6. That is unbelievable, why did the oncologist agree that he needs a biopsy?!!! What's up Ottawa? Very scary. I can't believe they put you through that.

  7. Thank GOD! When I read your last post I was so scared for you! That's terrible that they are that unorganized! Glad to hear the treatment is going well!

  8. I had told some of the guys at work after you called to tell me and they all said you guys should sue. You could use the money. :)

  9. Cant sue in Canada! She is going to the review board though! You can only imagine the emotions I have been through in the last 48hrs, let alone Julia's. Thank you all for the words and prayers. Nothing but a happy ending now (if all still goes as planned)

    Cheers to all!!


  10. UNBELIEVABLE! Very happy for you guys, what have they told the other man? It's like something that happens in your worst nightmare. Hopefully things will run more smoothly for you now.

  11. Unbelievable.

    If you cannot sue you definitely should 1) file a formal complain with the hospital, 2) send a copy to all possible medical boards (here we have municipal and federal) dennouncing the doctor AND this unbelievable hospital. What they/she did is a criminal action.

    Check with a lawyer. You may not sue but you can give them a hard time and prevent this from happening to other people.

    Indignation aside I am delighted with the news.


  12. I shrieked when I read this. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

    So glad that you have some good news now.

  13. Holy fuck. Good news but man. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through this. They talk about not being able to experience the highs unless you've also experienced the lows but that's freaking ridiculous.

    Despite the fact that you're in Canada, I'm not sure you could sue them anyway. (Now, keep in mind that this is way too many years living with a lawyer, not actual legal advice.) You'd have to be able to quantify your damages and I think they'd probably argue that since the amount of time between the conversation and the truth coming out, the distress was negligible. I don't agree but there it is.

    That said, I think you should definitely file a complaint with the hospital and whatever the Physician's Association is in Canada. Who knows if this was a fluke or if the doctor does this kind of shit regularly.

    Anyway, my advice is worth the money you paid for it. ;-)

  14. I'm touched at how emotional all you guys are. Really, all we want right now is a HUGE apology from this doctor. It's the LEAST she could do. As Pablo mentioned, this is getting brought to the review board so hopefully something comes of it and the doctor understands the gravity of what she did. We are too exhausted, tired, and worn out to really do anything ourselves. I'm just glad that this got straightened out and Pablo can now concentrate on getting through 30 more radiation treatments.

    Collette - Your last remark caused Pablo and I to chuckle. We can always count on you for some good humour!

    Thank you all for the comments. Pablo really gets a kick out of reading them all so keep em' coming!

  15. Oh, my word!! ((((((Julia+Pablo)))))).

    This is starting to sound like some really bad-bad writing in an American soap opera.

    Maybe YOU can't sue; but, I want to rent a car and drive up there and start kicking some serious ass!! These people are UN-believable.

    I've been telling you guys, DO NOT take in negative information from ANYBODY. We want positive, healty, cheerful, happy-future-looking messages from everyone that you deal with. Little did I know that there are some really DEMON-FROM-HELL medical personnel up there.

    I went through some really bad stuff with my Mom's [quote]doctor/surgeon[end-quote]. Guy lost his license in California and no one knew it in South Carolina (my Mom's state). Brutal, incompetent surgery. The thing is you can't sue here either unless you can prove "REAL" damages. Breaking your heart and driving you insane don't count as "real" damages.

    I'm convinced more than ever, that your steps are being guided. Stay positive. Stay healty. Keep the love flowing. We'll keep the prayers going.

    You guys are THE BEST. I just wish we could find the off button for the roller coast.

    BIG HUGS (and love and healing prayers).


  16. Oh wow, that is unbelievable, thank God everything is OK but for you to have to go through that torture, what a stupid doctor and does that mean she gave your husband's results to the other person and they think they're OK?

  17. I've been reading your blog for a while, but never wrote a comment yet. Yesterday I wanted to write something, but I didn't really know what to say. Today I was very happy to find out that it was all a mistake - although this is just outrageous, I thought things like that happen in movies only...

    But the most important thing is that the therapy is working and you guys will finally be just fine - and I'm keepieng my fingers crossed for that.

    Let me just say that I really enjoy your blog and pictures you post and that I wish you all the best!

  18. OMG is the understatement of the year, WTF???!!!! is the first thing that came to my mind when reading this!

    This is unreal!
    I am glad this is turning out to have a happy outcome but that "doctor" shouldn't be allowed to practice - she's not delivering the wrong pizza, she's freaking telling someone (the wrong someone) they have only a small amount of time left to live...unbelievable...but you guys know that :-)

    Hope she gets reprimanded for her careless actions! Like everyone else, I'm outraged on your behalf!

    That said:
    Pablo, keep up the good spirits, we're all with you!
    Julia, stay strong, it'll have a happy ending, this I am certain of!


  19. WOW -that is effing ridiculous! Yay for the awesome outcome though, that is wonderful, wonderful news. I was so sad when I read your post yesterday and now I have goosebumps, amazing. I'm so happy for Pablo, you, and your kids that things have drastically turned in the right direction.

    What a crazy moment that must have been when you found out the truth - I imagine shock, laughter and crying all wrapped up in utter joy with a rather large side of anger.

    Oh Happy Day!

  20. We've all been thinking of you here...and read the former post, thinking how just cruddy it all was... especially after seeing all of those beautfiul pictures of you family and children.

    One word: Hallelujah!!

    What a great update!

  21. I am so overjoyed for you and yet completely SEETHING about the fact that such an egregious mistake could have been made!!! There is no excuse for that. Unreal. So sorry you had to go through that roller coaster of heartache, on top of everything else you're already dealing with. Big hugs.

  22. I think you're both taking it really well. I can't imagine how exhausted you are by this but you're being really rational in spite of it--something I'm not so good at doing! ;-)

    Here's a little more good news. It looks like, should you change your mind, you've got more than enough people to come up there and join you in a big ass-kicking jamboree!

  23. That's wonderful news. Sending you bucketloads of strength and good vibes. xxxLouise

  24. Firstly - phew.

  25. hi lovely lady, i havent been around for a wee while.. you have all been in my thoughts though.
    your family have so gone through it.. and you are still strong.. those tears are always helpful.. for good or not so.. they help to release so much pressure.. stay strong sweet lady :) sending healing thoughts.. and warm wishes your families way.. so glad to hear that Pablos treatment is going well. take it easy
    ((hugs)) sue xx

  26. Voila the good news!
    Sheesh what a way to feel some relief, but nonetheless, relief!
    So happy for you all. Let´s keep the good news coming!

  27. You guys rock! I've loved reading all these comments. I'm hoping for an update from the oncologist next Tuesday as to this whole situation and what's being done...

    Sue - welcome back. I hope all is well with you. I definitely know what it's like to need quiet time...



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