Why, again, we were speechless

I went with Pablo to his radiation treatment on Friday afternoon. (No update about the 'misinformation'). Pablo has been vomiting the last few days - not alot but he did mention it to the nurse after his treatment. His head has been burning a bit too so we were told to buy a 'Glaxal Base' lotion. We spoke to a doctor on duty Friday and he recommended that Pablo go back on Decadron - which is an anti-swelling medication. Pablo took this for a few weeks after his brain surgery and the doctor said that he should go back on it since radiation can cause some brain swelling. For the nausea, the doctor prescribed something and when we got to the pharmacy and saw the amount of this anti-nausea medication, well, IT MADE US NAUSEOUS. Thankfully, we get 80% back through my benefits but GIVE ME A BREAK. See ridiculous amount below (second 'prescription' total):

I have never at one time paid so much for anything at a pharmacy. That anti-nausea medication is called Ondansetron and that amount is for 40 PILLS. THEY BETTER FREAKING WORK OR WE WANT A REFUND.

Thank you all for your comments on the last post. This has been a really rough week and the support we've gotten from everybody has really helped us get through yet another rough patch.


  1. Holy crap. 20% is still a ton. Yikes. It's probably not strong enough but we use that Emetrol syrup which is over the counter. Maybe that would work for days which aren't too terrible for Pablo.*

    *Again, my advice is worth every penny paid. Your mileage may vary. Do not pass go. The eagle has landed. Etc.

  2. 20% is a ton especially since we get prescriptions filled almost weekly for Pablo. AND I have to pay this amount up front and MAIL in the prescriptions to my insurance and IF WE'RE LUCKY, I get the 80% back in a COUPLE WEEKS.

    (We've been living off of my income alone since mid-July. Pablo was on unemployment but the max they'll pay you is for 15 weeks and he reached that mid-July...)

    I will be looking into Emetrol. THANKS COLLETTE! Look at you...you crack jokes and practically make me pee my pants ('the eagle has landed' just about did it), you give legal advice AND medical advice...Please don't go anywhere! LOL!

  3. AND I almost didn't buy that lip gloss that you see at the bottom of the receipt but then I realized it was on sale and figured adding 7.99 to the already $600+ bill was NO LONGER A BIG DEAL. And plus I deserved it.

  4. wow yeah that is lots, my Husbands Epilepsy medication is about that..i think $480..but its government funded so we only pay $3! Don't know how it works, but if we ever had to pay full price i think i would pass out!!

    Hope this all works out.
    Praying for you guys.


  5. We are so lucky in Australia with out health care system. My daughter has severe epilepsy and if I had to pay full cost for her medication it would cost me about $600 a month...instead I pay about $15 thanks to the government paying the rest. Also when I have processed 50 scripts they are free for the rest of the year. I mean lets face it we would all rather not to have to be in the situation where we are getting scripts for anything but lets face it I would be screwed without the help. I don't know how people on low incomes throughout the world without healthcare cope...this is one area where I believe in help from my big brother government. Hope Pablo finds some relief. cheers Katherine

  6. WTF??? I can't believe they told him the wrong news still!!!

    Oh and ouch. That is a sucky receipt.

    Sending you some English anti sick vibes! x

  7. Yikes!! I thought Canada had better benefits than the U.S. Guess in that case ... NOT.

    I don't think anyone anywhere in the World should have to pay for doctors or surgeries or medicines designed to keep or regain health.

    I'll get off my soapbox now; but, not until I give you all BIG HUGS. I'm taller on my soapbox ... can HUG better :grin:

    Blessings and hugs and prayers for all of you.


  8. I'm glad to be of service. ;-) (And we use the generic Emetrol--works great and is tons cheaper.) My friend Maribeth and I joke that I diagnose and she medicates. They have every drug in the universe at their house for some reason. (Not really, just seems like it. And it's funnier that way.)

    And girl, you deserve that lip gloss. I just made some mojito granita and if I could, I'd come up there and share it. We could sit around and make fun of Pablo after he takes the good drugs. ;-)

  9. Check for a generic alternative with the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association - http://www.canadiangenerics.ca/en/resources/index.asp

    Generic drugs are as safe and effective as their brand-name equivalents.

  10. Thank you Mauthra, I will look into that for sure!

  11. We're going to look into government funding because there is something for those with cancer but technically Pablo doesn't have cancer so who knows how this will turn out...

    Mojito granita!!!...Collette, I love you.




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