Radiation treatment #3

Yeah, it didn't happen. Something about the tomotherapy machine not working and they ended up being a few hours behind by the time Pablo got to the hospital for his 2pm appointment. They cancelled treatment for today and he'll have one added to the end. Which I believe falls on Isabella's first day of school. Fantastic.


  1. Big sigh. I'm sorry.

    (I don't want to wind you up but WTF? Couldn't they have called????)

  2. I think they called him just as he was getting to the hospital or something. Too late anyway - my mom had already come to our house to watch the kids, etc, etc.

    It's sad but we're very much used to cancelled/late/postponed medical stuff. I still get very pissed off though.

  3. I'm pretty sure that all that canceling would make my head explode. That sort of patience is not my strong suit.

    Example: I've been teaching Gabe about red lights and green lights and asking him to tell me when we get a green light (hopefully to keep him from whining in the car). Anyway, last week, a light turned green and he said, "Go, people!" I have no idea where he got that. ;-) I'm just lucky it wasn't laced with expletives!

  4. Don't even get me started on the whole 'red light, green light' thing. We've gone over it with Isabella SO many times and she recites it whenever we are driving and messes it up on purpose, just to bug us. The "Go people!" comment is something that would totally come out of Isabella's mouth which is why I think I laughed so hard.

    Speaking of expletives, tonight I had my laptop on the kitchen counter and I was cooking a recipe from it. I noticed that I screwed something up and said "Oh shit!". Isabella was in the kitchen with me and immediately said "I didn't touch the laptop!"

    I'm surprised she hasn't repeated some of the expletives that have sneaked there way out of my mouth...

  5. Oh, I love that she immediately denied responsibility for the oh shit. She definitely knows context, doesn't she? ;-)

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