The side effect of radiation that Pablo was dreading...

Hair loss. It has started. Above and to the left of Pablo's ear and they told him at the hospital that the hair loss will gradually move upwards. Here is a photo of the missing hair:

And here is a photo of the other side of his head:

Pablo decided he didn't want to watch the hair loss patch get bigger so here is what he did to solve the problem:

And because I'm too lazy to start a new post, here a bunch of other photos I took:


  1. Ingenious solution! He does realize though that he's going to have to wear that t-shirt every day (or something similar) to complete the look, right?

  2. I KNOW!!! And the serious, no-smiling look just finishes it off too. He was already wearing this t-shirt when he cut his hair. So very appropriate. I'm glad Isabella didn't get too upset over the new haircut...she's weird like that...

  3. I can't think of a better way to deal with it! And why not have a little fun rockin a mohawk in your AC/DC shirt. He pulls it off nicely and the photos with the kiddos are priceless :)

  4. As my husband said 'WICKED!'
    Very cool solution, thumbs up!

  5. Pablo is quite surprised by how many people actually like the mohawk. He did it as a joke at first but now he wants to keep it. I totally agree with him!

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