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Hey folks!

If you haven't come over from Marvelous Kiddo, click here to go see the guest post I did for Leigh on my fav vintage kids' rooms.

If you've made your way over from Marvelous Kiddo and you want to peruse a crapload of kids' rooms, click here to see all my kids' room posts.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!!!

(Pablo update: while at the hospital for his radiation yesterday, Pablo saw a pain specialist and she prescribed Lyrica. Yet another expensive medication. She is going to go over all of Pablo's medication at his treatment today because she believes he's on way too many meds. She said the anti-swelling med, Decadron, that he's taking is what is causing him to not sleep well and be super crabby but is very necessary to take at this stage.)


  1. I'm glad someone is looking at his meds holistically. I think that's important.

  2. No kidding but she only really wants to cut out one of his meds. I was hoping she'd cut down like half of them...

  3. At least she's watching them. I remember my grandmother having an interaction from two different drugs (scarily enough, prescribed by the same physician) and giving her hallucinations. My then boyfriend was a pharmaceutical rep and figured it out. (I'm taking credit for it though. He wouldn't have been there without me. That's fair, right?)

  4. Overall, Pablo is being well taken care of so I can't really complain.

    Pablo had hallucinations too at some point during the last few months. Scary...

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