Metal beds used in kids' rooms - part 2


More here.


  1. I love that metal crib from vtwonen :)

    want a new search project? my 9 year old wants a "tropical" room. I'm looking for a fresh take on it... you know not the pb kids stuff, a little kitschy/cooler. ready..... go! xoxo

    haven't commented in a while but still thinking of your family :)

  2. Hey, can you tell what's on those walls in the sara silm room? I think I really like it. It would look out of place here but man, it looks cool. I like that concrete floor in one of those photos too but Joe would shit.

  3. Ricci - I'm on it! Stay tuned!

    Collette - my first thought for the sara silm walls is grass cloth wallpaper. Love it and it's very versatile (goes with alot of styles). I love the look of concrete floors but with our climate, it would be freaking cold in the winter.

  4. Cool designs, i recently painted the metal bed of my daughter to give it a new look, this is the best thing about these beds, if they get old just paint them instead of buying a new one.



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