Oh how I want this...

This room is to die for. I love everything about it - the yellow, the wallpaper, the cushions, the carpet, the art...
Had to post it so that I don't forget about it.


  1. OOoo those colours..so inviting. love that sofa.
    haven't stopped by for a while, hope all is good with you and your wee clan, much love and hugs..


  2. AGREED!
    saw that this morning and nearly spilled my tea all over the computer.
    that yellow. HELLO!
    and the rich turquoise?
    love. love. LOVE.

    (praying you you guys. hang in there. and i can totally relate to the stress you are under. being the caretaker sucks just as bad as being sick, just in a different way. xoxo)

  3. Well, we wouldn't have to fight over the furnishings that's for sure. Except for maybe the yellow lamp. ;-)

    Isn't that funny? We love some of the exact same stuff but this one? Nope, not so much!

  4. I'm so drawn to yellow these days and this room is just so eclectic and fun. I can totally see the kids bouncing around on this sofa. I really just need more cheery colours in our home...

    We're surviving and just trying to get through each day. Some days are better than others but the kids are always able to make us forget about what's going on and just enjoy our time together.



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