My twin sister Kim's wedding

Kim got married this past July 24th and she just got all her photos from the talented Sarah Naegels. Here are some of my favs:

I just love this one!

the entire gang

us with the happy couple
us with the happy couple, trying to keep Simon amused

Zia Kim and Isabella - a fantastic shot 

goofing around

Simon having a fit
this is how we got Simon to sit still during the ceremony

Isabella swimming after the dinner

 Simon and our friend from high school, Christine

love the footwear!
Kim and Jeff in front of the cabana by the pool

heading to the pool

all serious in the peacock chair

 oh so happy!

the i do's
table decor

And now for some awesome trailer shots:


  1. Oh, those are just beautiful! Really lovely wedding--I love the decor--and really lovely shots. And those shoes! Swoon.

    (Ha! My verification word was OUCHA! That's why I'm not wearing those shoes!!!)

  2. It was a fantastic wedding all round. I love the shots that Sarah took.



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