Look what my little sister (and her hubby) went and did...

They bought a cottage!!! It's in Saint-André-Avellin in Québec. About an hour drive from where we live. It's a four season lake front cottage on Lac Simonet. The main level has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms and the second floor is the loft/bedroom. The lot size is 37,000 sq ft and it comes fully furnished. From the listing, here are the room dimensions:

Kitchen:     8' x 15'
Living Room:     18' x 15'
Master Bedroom:     8' x 15.6'
2nd main floor Bedroom:     8' x 7.6'
Bathroom:     8.6' x 6.6'
Veranda:     8' x 22'
Loft:     11' x 22'

And now for some photos (from the listing):

Jen and Dave take possession very soon and the whole family is very excited. (None of us have ever owned a cottage before.)


  1. yay, it's amazing! the lake is so beautiful! does the cottage have direct access to the lake? (I'm not sure if I can say "direct access" in this case:)

  2. How adorable!

    I will admit to a moment's panic before I read carefully and realized that it was your younger sister, not Kim. I think I hyperventilated a little while thinking, But, but, her KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew!

  3. marysia - the cottage backs onto the lake. In the photo above of the lake, that is their dock and the boat is included too!

    Collette - and the decorating begins! Kim isn't going to move for quite some time. Her and Jeff are going to build an addition onto their house. She certainly can't part with that kitchen anytime soon!



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