Today and tomorrow

I'm exhausted and need to get the monkeys to bed and then myself to bed so I'll talk about today and tomorrow real quick. Today Pablo went to his radiation treatment and when he got to the car to leave the hospital, he got sick. Right next to the car. Then he got sick again when he got home. Luckily the kids were at my parents' house so Pablo was able to rest. He feels like crap. I think he has 13 or 14 treatments left...(yesterday's was cancelled - the Tomo machine was broken)

Tomorrow is Isabella's first day of junior kindergarten!!! Well kind of. We get to take her to school tomorrow and it's orientation day where we get to meet her teacher and see the classroom, etc (I took the day off work). Then next Thursday, Isabella goes to school by herself. She doesn't have school the following day (the 17th) but Tuesday the 21st marks her first official week of school. She is so excited and I am so nervous. I'm going to cry like a freaking baby. I'm going to worry about her and I'm going to miss her like crazy. She is going to have a blast. Doesn't really make me any less nervous but I'll get over it. I just need time. LOL! Am I lame or what?!?!?!


  1. Not lame at all. I arranged for Gabe to go to daycare (if we need a sitter, they typically come to us and it's one on one) for 2 partial days a week. After I confirmed with her on the phone (Joe and I had already interviewed her), I hung up and started crying. Totally normal you and me. Totally.

    I'm so sorry Pablo's not feeling well. Puking sucks and feeling pukey really sucks. He gets a sweet "Poor baby" for that. (But at least you didn't have to clean up the one outside by the car! Go Pablo!)

  2. Thanks guys.

    I am glad he got sick next to the car. One year, Pablo went out for his birthday and came home really, really drunk and randomly puked in my drawer of WOOL sweaters. We're talking SWEATERS I HAD TO THEN THROW OUT. Boy was I ever mad. And he felt bad for a REALLY long time.

    I don't like to see him sick - especially now.



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