Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Pablo went for treatment yesterday - he still wasn't feeling quite right. His oncologist ordered a CT scan and it showed quite a bit of brain swelling and blood blockage. This is what is causing his headaches to be quite painful. Supposedly, only about 5-10% of patients with meningiomas like Pablo's, will have these kinds of side effects from the radiation. Pablo's tumour isn't attached to the brain and these side effects he's having are more common with tumours that are attached to the brain. Pablo might find out more today at his treatment about a course of action to deal with what is going on.

Pablo got a morphine injection after his treatment yesterday and I think this is going to be done after every treatment.

The Decadron he's taking for the swelling has been bumped up again and he is now taking 4 mg, three times a day. This means I'm going to have to lock all the kitchen cabinets and hide the ice cream...

Once Pablo's treatment is over, his oncologist said that it could take around 4 weeks to recover from all this (longer than normal because of the side effects).

Pablo went to the drugstore to get four medications. It cost $400.

Tomorrow is a big day - Isabella's first day of school. It's also Isabella's first time taking the school bus. We're going to take pictures of her getting on the bus and hopefully the camera will hide my tears. She has school for 2.5 hours and then we go pick her up down the street at the bus stop. I have a feeling it's going to be a really long 2.5 hours for me and it'll seem like 10 minutes for Isabella.

In other news for tomorrow...Leigh, of Marvelous Kiddo, is on vacation for the week and has asked people to guest post while she's gone. I was one of the lucky ones that she thought of to ask and my post will be appearing on her blog tomorrow! YAY!


  1. Oh man. Poor Pablo. Insult to injury with the prescription bill too. That shit sucks.

    First day of school. Eek. We just put Gabe in daycare 2 days a week 9-4 so he could play with other kids. He's gone 3 times and he's fine with it. I'm getting better!

  2. I really need to calculate the 20% that have come out of our pocket since all this started...scary.

    Today was day 2 of school and it was easier on me this morning putting her on the bus. Can't wait for her to come home though!

    Good for Gabe being fine with daycare. I can't imagine how hard it would be if they kicked and screamed and really hated going...

  3. I'm not sure I'd want to know about the 20% except here, if it hits a certain percentage of your income, you can deduct (at least some) it from your taxes.

    Joe dropped him off on his bike this morning and she whisked him away before he could start to pitch one about leaving daddy. ;-)

  4. We've got that same rule here that if it's a certain percentage then you can claim it. I think this year we'll definitely have enough with the 20% to be able to claim it all thankfully.

    Smart thinking of the woman to take Gabe away quickly! I guess she doesn't want to deal with an upset kid so whatever she can do to avoid any tears...



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