Photos from Simon's birthday

Simon had a fantastic birthday. It was the year of the trucks/buses/cars and Simon couldn't contain himself. You should have heard him shriek when he saw the balloons we got him! Thank you Kim for taking almost all of these photos.
(I still can't believe Simon is 2)
Like I said, lots of trucks, etc.
Isn't he cute in that shirt?!?!? My little man
He's not a baby anymore...
Truck excitement
Isabella insisted on 'helping' Simon open his gifts. She thought that meant he watches while she opens...
I thought this was a pretty cool photo that Kim took and probably tweaked the crap out of it

The little man and daddy

The boo and daddy

The boo eating chips before having 3.5 helpings of cake.

So stinking adorable - especially when he smiles like that
Me, the boo and her new cousin Gianna

All of us and Gianna (I should have straightened Gianna's head a little - OOPS)

The cutie patootie who I find doesn't look at all like either of her parents
The hedgehog birthday cake that was DELICIOUS (wish I could take the credit but I got it at a bakery close by)

Simon had a blast blowing out the candles

Don't you just love birthdays?!?!


  1. Those are great photos! It looks like he had a lovely time. Don't they grow up so fast? :-(

    It's too bad Isabella doesn't like her new little cousin. Kisses, sweet pats--so cute.

  2. Very sadly, they do grow up so fast.

    We had to force Isabella and bribe her lots to get those cute shots. LOL! (Ya right)

  3. How fun! My nephew (who is almost 4! how time flies!) was completely obsessed with trucks and tractors and trains also. And what sweet photos with Gianna!

    Confession: I ran my brother's birthday parties, too. I think that's just a big sister's job. :)

  4. I can't wait for the day that Simon really puts Isabella in her place! LOL!



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