Can this day get any worse?!?!?!

Pablo was feeling really strange this morning. He kept saying he didn't feel right and he seemed to be hallucinating. He was shaking pretty badly and could barely hold the phone. He called our family doctor and she told him to go in to see her right away. She called me to ask a bunch of questions: about Pablo's meds, how long has he been feeling like this, do I give him his meds, etc. She is concerned that maybe he screwed up his pills and took too much of something. She sent him to the hospital AGAIN. He is still there now and he got YET ANOTHER CATHETER. They told him they want him to wear it till he goes for the tests on his bladder but that isn't till January... Anyway, he might be coming home tonight. I'll keep this post updated. In the meantime I have laundry to finish, kids to bathe and put to sleep, garbage day tomorrow....anything else?!?!?!?!? Gotta run...

UPDATE Thurs morn: Pablo got home late last night and this morning he is going to contact his urologist to see if he can get the January bumped up ASAP. He's feeling better. He pulled the catheter out when he got home last night so that he could have a good nights sleep. Now he'll have to call a nurse to come put it back in or he says he was shown how....EEK!


  1. geesh, when it rains, it ours, huh? But really, don't ask if it could get worse. I did that yesterday, only to find out that indeed it can!!

  2. Dear Julia, I wish you an your family a lot of strength and I hope that soon you can leave all this behind. You are in my thoughts!

  3. I send you many many many many nice wishes and a really big hug... we don't know each other and it's the first time I write around here, but I read you for some time now and I just wanted you to know that, even if it doesnt look like always, everything will get better and you will laugh at all of this..

    lot of love from Barcelona, you are doing it great, mama!

  4. Oh man, sweetie. Yikes. If he decides to put that catheter back in by himself, I think you'd BOTH better be on drugs.

  5. Thanks you guys!

    His in-home care case worker was over yesterday and she said they'll come to do it. She has never heard of a man doing it to himself...I can see why!!!!!!!!



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