Enough of this sh*t!

Literally. (Collette, that was for you)

This morning before I left for work, Isabella heard Simon stirring in his crib and asked if she could go in his room. Pablo told her she could and she went in his room.

Seconds after she went in his room, I could hear Isabella say in a loud, panicky voice, "OH NO! Something is not right here. Someone come here QUICK!"

Right away I thought that Simon puked all over himself again. I ran into Simon's room at the same time that Pablo got there and we go over to Simon's crib and he's sitting there with his hands, palms up, on his legs and his hands are covered in poop. COVERED. There was a bit on his bed where I guess he had touched with his hands but the majority of the mess was on his hands.

I picked him up and carried him into the bathroom and set him down in the bathtub. I removed his clothing and then his diaper. It hadn't even leaked out of his diaper so I'm assuming he stuck his hands in his diaper FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON EXCEPT TO TRY TO MAKE ME LATE FOR WORK. He's never done this before and this had better be the last time.


  1. We went through the exact same thing when my youngest was 2, he would rummage right down into his sh*tty nappy and rub it all over his face, the bedlinen, everywhere. I solved it by putting those onesies on him during nap time that snap shut over the nappy, thankfully it worked and stopped him. Seriously what possesses them?!?

  2. Oh man, I had a sh*tty day yesterday too but Isabella handled it better than I did. Gabe was walking funny and I asked what was up. He said his butt hurt. I asked if he had poop and of course, he replied no. (Probably feeling guilty because he should TOTALLY be potty trained by now. Not bitter, no sir.) I pulled up his pajama top and reached down to pull his pants out so I could look and got poop on my hand. Yep, I screamed. I stripped his ass right in the kitchen, made him stand in the sink and used the sprayer on his butt. He was not liking that. Oops. ;-)

    Then I found out he had gotten some on his blanket which required taking laundry to the basement. Joy. Joy. Joy.

  3. TT - Simon has been in one piece pj's since this happened...

    Collette - I hear it's harder to potty train boys - there's your excuse! I'm not looking forward to going through potty training again.

    I have gotten poop on my hands so many freaking times during the 'poop check'. GROSS! I have never had to do the sprayer on the butt but I'm sure that day will come at some point.

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