Moden Cabana

Remember last week when I did a post on Lexie, who I am very jealous of? Well, it turns out that I have another reason to be jealous of her. Her husband and her brother started a company about six years ago called Modern Cabana. They design and build modern garden sheds turned art/yoga/home office/guest house/house for kiddos/space, etc. GORGEOUS!!! I want one of each please!!!

Below is the kiddo house:

This is the dog house:

And here are the adult versions of these beautiful cabanas:


  1. High taxes in Norway. Liquor is very expensive. High taxes in Norway. Liquor is very expensive.

    I wonder how many times I'll have to repeat that to myself???

    These are freaking gorgeous and I want one right now. Do you suppose anyone would mind if I just parked our car on the street and put one of these in our spot?

  2. Norway bad. Norway bad.

    It isn't working.


    Aren't these cabanas just the coolest!!!

    I don't think anyone would mind Collette. Try it and let me know how it goes! LOL!



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