Today's projects

I had planned on making the bunting for the tree in Simon's room today but instead I reupholstered the faux leather ottoman in the basement. The top of the ottoman was full of large gashes and holes and we had put duct tape on all these problem areas. The result was a really ghetto looking ottoman. We have no money to replace it. We bought our ottoman at Bouclair Home a couple years ago for around $150 and it's definitely taken a beating by the kids. I went through my stash of fabric and found a turquoise tweed - nice and thick so I unscrewed the top of the ottoman and recovered it in the tweed fabric. I'm pretty pleased with this temporary solution:

Months and months ago, I bought some postcards from Ninainvorm's etsy store. I finally got around to framing them (their new home is across from the couch and ottoman in the photos above):

Also in the basement is the printer tray I got from my sister where we keep little figurines because I got tired of stepping on them:


  1. Love that red chair with the rice cushion on it.

  2. Looking fabulous - love all the bights around your home.


  3. It looks really great--and isn't it gratifying to be able to say, yep, yep, I did it. Oh, it was nothing. ;-)

  4. Thanks Letitia. It's one of my favourites. It was my grandmother's.

    Katie - the basement is colourful since that is where the kids play. Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks sis.

    You betcha Collette! - and thank you.

  5. looks great. if you ever see an ottoman like yours tell me pls!

  6. Jen, Urban Barn has some similar on sale.

  7. Definitely try Urban Barn - maybe they won't rip as quick and as bad...

    Pablo - we gotta get you your own username...



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